WiSecure, which since 1982 has been a strong business area under Wideco Sweden AB, has now been acquired by the companies Kristensen Engineering AB and Karlstedts Fastighets AB. Martin Kristensen with long experience of Wisecure and its products becomes CEO of the new company and will manage the brand and develop the products.

WiSecure includes several different sealing variants intended for waterproofing and radon sealing of pipes when examining concrete walls and floors. Existing customers include major Swedish energy plants and wholesalers in plumbing.

The investment in adding WiSecure as a separate company will be aimed at increasing the customer base and delivering the best and most secure water and radon seals both in Sweden and internationally. Our work will contribute to a safer and healthier environment as we prevent water and radon leakage into properties and concrete chambers. This is to contribute to better health and reduce cancer risk, says WiSecure’s CEO Martin Kristensen.

We look forward to continued good contact and cooperation with our customers.