To meet Stockholm’s continuous development, Slussen is being rebuilt and a bus terminal will be blown up in Katarinaberget. The bus terminal will be designed as a rock room with space for both passengers and bus traffic. Carrying out the rock blasting work for the new bus terminal means that approximately 270,000 m3 of rock will be extracted. Nearby buildings, existing rock chambers in Katarinaberget and the mountain slope towards Stadsgårdsleden affect the design of the terminal. These pose the project to rock-technical challenges, such as large spans and low rock cover. Three large rock chambers with a span of up to 24 m constitute a waiting hall for passengers and driving areas for buses. Implenia’s contract largely covers rock work for rock chambers with entrance tunnels, media tunnels, a new drainage tunnel – a total of rock work of a total of approximately 270,000 m3 and concrete work of approximately 12,000 m3. Some earthworks must also be carried out.