W804 Drill hole seal

W804 Drill hole seal

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WiSecure® W804 – drilled hole seal

Specially produced as a barrier against water in drilled holes in concrete walls and floors. This seal avoids the need for any concrete pouring around the pipe.

WiSecure™ W804 is also a movement-friendly seal that permits axial movement in the pipe and can be used for all types of pipe material.

Seal intended as a water seal for drilled holes in concrete walls and floors.

Rubber material: EPDM, 40 ° ± 5 ° IRHD.
Meets the requirements according to the material standard EN 681-1, table 2.
CE marked. Meets the requirements of the EU Construction Products Ordinance. (CPR).
Hose clamp: Acid-resistant steel, W5, AISI 316.
Clamping ring, claw: Hot-dip galvanized steel, S235 JRG 2.
Expander bolt: Hot-dip galvanized steel.
Lubricant: Polyalkylene glycol.
Sealing compound: 1-component sealant of polymerized oils.

Previous tests show that the application can handle 0.74 bar water pressure at standstill and 0.2 bar at axial movement.
Internal tests in 2014 show that the application can handle more than 2.5 bar internal and external water pressure when stationary.

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