W802 Radon sealing & Water sealing

W802 Radon sealing & Water sealing

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WiSecure® W802 – for water sealing and radon sealing

WiSecure™ W802 is one of the most effective barriers against water and ground radon gas on the market. Radon is a radioactive inert gas that is formed when the element radium disintegrates. The gas is difficult to detect as it is invisible and cannot be smelled or tasted. Health problems usually occur when radon daughters enter our airways and lungs when we breathe. They emit ionised radiation there, mainly in the form of alpha particles, which can cause lung cancer.

Used when embedding round pipes in concrete walls and floors. Suitable for all types of pipe material, for example plastic, steel, cast iron and concrete.

WiSecure™ W802 can be fitted directly on the pipe quickly and easily and is then embedded in the concrete wall or the floor. The result is a secure seal that ensures that no radon gas or water passes through the pipe seals. The seal fits most models of floor drain.

W802 unique profile design creates an effective seal between the pipe and the concrete. W802 is used where the pipe will not be exposed to major axial movement and is available as standard in dimensions from 16 mm up to 2,000 mm.

Soil-bound air always contains high contents of radon, which means that homes are at particular risk. The air pressure is usually lower indoors than outdoors on account of the temperature difference and efficient ventilation. Air containing radon from the soil can therefore easily be sucked into the building through the foundations if they are not sealed where, for example, pipe passing through the foundation plate.

Cast-in ring for water and / or radon sealing of round pipes in concrete walls and floors.

Rubber material: EPDM, 40 ° ± 5 ° IRHD.
Meets requirements according to the material standard EN 681-1, table 2.
CE marked. Meets requirements according to the EU Construction Products Ordinance. (CPR).
Hose clamp: Steel (AluZink).

Previous tests show that the application can handle 0.4 bar water pressure at standstill and 0.1 bar at axial movement (≤ 4 mm).
Renewed testers performed by SP 2014 confirm that the application is completely air and radon tight.

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