Ventilation tower

Ventilation tower

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The ventilation towers that we market are made entirely of plastic and are intended to replace the corresponding pipes in cast iron for ventilation of district heating chambers.

Well proven
The ventilation towers are well-tested and have been installed at several energy plants in the country for several years.
Can be ordered with integrated antenna if needed.

The ventilation tower can be delivered in a number of different dimensions and designs with a fixed or removable upper part.
Because the grille can be made demountable, the ventilation tower can be cleaned from the outside.

Our ventilation towers are available in T model and H (hood) model and can be delivered in a certain number of dimensions and designs with a fixed or removable upper part.

We also supply thick-walled shroud sleeves for sealing between ventilation towers and cast iron pipes in the ground.
The shrink sleeves are internally covered with mastic and are delivered individually packaged in protective plastic.

The ventilation towers are very easy to install, do not need to be painted and are not exposed to rust like ordinary steel towers.
Maintenance costs can thus be kept at a low level.
Does not rust, Low maintenance costs, Easy installation, Built-in antennas, Many different dimensions, Removable tops.

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