Our History

When district heating really took off in Sweden in the 1980s, Arnold Wirfalk worked as a salesman at Uponor.

He saw that the existing solutions for sealing pipe wall and ground penetrations in pump stations, chambers and buildings were not optimal and sometimes caused problems as groundwater after some time started to leak into the structures.

In 1980, he decides to leave Uponor to start the company WIAB.

He develops the 800-series seals which are still used today, but the applications have expanded from district heating distribution systems to include radon sealing of properties, systems for vacuum waste systems, cast-in-place basins, water and sewage systems and electricity supply.

In short, in all areas where tightness against liquid or radon leakage is a requirement for new construction or maintenance.

Production of the seals starts at what was then Forsheda’s factory in Värnamo.

During the 80s, Arnold had his solutions tested at institutes in Sweden and Germany and the results were very good. The seals show very high performance and soon they are being used by are energy companies around all of Sweden.

During the journey, the company changes its name to Wideco Sweden AB and new business areas are created to also include solutions for monitoring district heating pipes to detect and locate leaks, descent-manhole wells and robust ventilation towers for underground facilities.

Radon in properties linked to an increased risk of ill health receives great attention during the 1990s, and seal W802 proves to be able to seal also against harmful ground radon which can leak inside the building in gaps between incoming pipes and concrete casted walls and slabs.
For many years Arnold focuses on spreading knowledge in the construction industry about how to seal against ground radon and W802 will soon be a big seller.

Today, W802 is still one of our larger products in terms of volume, and is used in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the Baltics.


In 2019, the current CEO Martin Kristensen acquires the WiSecure business area from Wideco and forms the company WiSecure AB.
The solutions include 800 series seals, descent wells and ventilation towers.
The focus is now on growing organically both within the Nordic region and in the rest of Europe with existing systems.
An agreement on a general agency for Viking Lighting work lighting will be signed in 2020 and a new business area has been created for the company.